4 Myths about Wedding Planning


The perfect Reno wedding is waiting for you! You are incredibly excited about your upcoming nuptials. Yet, it seems overwhelming. There’s an overload of information, tips, and tricks. You’re not sure what to do in order to plan the wedding of your dreams. In order to help better educate you, we want to inform you of a few common myths that persist in the wedding industry. 

Myth #1 DIY Crafts are the Perfect Way to Save Money

It’s easy to be fooled into assuming DIY wedding planning is the cheapest route. If you don’t do enough research or don’t have enough crafting know-how, you might set yourself up for failure. For one thing, personalized stationery and flower arrangements aren’t cheap. You may end up buying more paper, flowers, and other materials in bulk than you need. Plus, if you don’t do a professional-looking job, you’ll have to trash your efforts and hire someone anyway- costing you double.

Myth #2 You Should Buy Your Dress Right Away

Don’t say yes to the dress quite yet! Not booking the Reno Wedding Venue first is a major mistake. There’s a lot of couples who want to get married in Reno. The best venues book up well in advance, even years. You can’t book any vendors until you know for sure where you’re having the wedding and when. If you can’t get the venue on the right date, you may need a different venue and then your dress won’t go as well with the setting. This means the best place to start wedding planning is by choosing a venue, not choosing a dress.

Myth #3 You Have to Invite Certain People

From distant relatives to people who invited you to their wedding, there’s always going to be some people you’re told you should invite that you don’t really want to. This is your special day, no one else’s! Do not feel pressured to invite someone you don’t have a close relationship with. This day is about celebrating your love with those closest to you.

Myth #4 You’re the Only One Who can Plan Your Perfect Wedding

This is supposed to be the best day of your life, not an event of extreme stress and frustration. You want to bring in a team to help you so you can actually enjoy what’s happening. Our team of professionals will hand-craft your Reno wedding from the moment you take your first tour to the last dance of the best night of your life. You don’t need to handle this monumental task on your own! 

The Club at ArrowCreek offers the perfect setting to create the country club wedding you’ve been envisioning. Our all inclusive venues, paired with elevated cuisine options will impress your guests and create moments that will not be forgotten. You’ll be so glad you took our advice and avoided these myths and mistakes!




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