When searching for wedding venues in Reno, NV, The Club at ArrowCreek provides your ideal country club experience. The unparalleled views at our golf courses serve as the perfect outdoor wedding venue in Reno, NV. Our landscapes and premier service can make your dream wedding a reality. The beautiful scenery also delivers an elevated wedding reception experience from the moment you step down the aisle. 

From your photos to the way you’ll choose to end the wedding, The Club at ArrowCreek has everything you are looking for. Our all-inclusive wedding packages allow couples to enjoy their special day, leaving the important details to us.

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Why The Club?

At The Club at ArrowCreek we pride in offering unforgettable experiences to our clients and members. Weddings are one of life’s most memorable events, and we can help make yours as special as you dreamed. The Club not only offers beautiful wedding venues in Reno, but a whole team dedicated to making your vision come to life.

We have the experience and commitment to help make your wedding day as special as possible. Our catering service, venue options, and team of professionals come together to offer you the day you’ve always dreamed of.


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being married at an outdoor wedding venue in Reno, NV with the Sierras in the backdrop and a breeze through your hair. Or maybe the elegance and simplicity of an indoor wedding reception with a neutral canvas for your over-the-top decor seem to suit you best. Whichever experience you prefer, we give options with one thing remaining consistent – that exclusive country club feel. 

At The Club at ArrowCreek, we offer the most elegant and breathtaking wedding venues in Reno, NV. Contact us by filling out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you to put your dream wedding plans in motion.

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