Plan a Stress-Free Golf Course Wedding

Plan a Stress-Free Golf Course Wedding

Bride and Goom walk the grounds of the golf course at The Club at ArrowCreek

How to Plan a Stress-Free Golf Course Wedding

You can’t wait to marry the love of your life. This day has to be really special, just like your fiancé. As you begin planning the wedding, you may realize that a really special day can also feel really stressful.

Is a stress-free wedding even possible? If you plan your wedding at the right venue and get help from the right staff, it is! We encourage you to choose a golf course for the venue. This is a fantastic first step in planning the big day. From here, consider a few professional tips to having the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. These include:

#1 Hold everything at one site. The more places you’re trying to get to on time, the more stressful your day will be. When you choose a Reno, NV golf course wedding, your ceremony, pictures, cocktail hour, and reception can all be held at the same venue. This is so convenient for the florist, wedding coordinator, photographer, and other people making your day special. Your belongings stay at one location, you only have to work with one staff, and there’s less that can go wrong.

#2 Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. The most stressful thing to do is rush. Don’t rush your wedding planning! Select your wedding date far in advance. Once you get the date set, you can work with venues and vendors over the course of several months. The advanced preparation ensures you get the location and vendors you want while giving your guests plenty of notice, especially if family and friends need to make travel arrangements to come to Reno.

#3  Have a backup plan. Holding your wedding at a golf course means you have a built in back up plan. You can move the whole thing inside if the weather takes a turn for the worse. What happens if you plan a wedding outside and it rains? Or it is very cold? Or very hot? Simply move the event inside the clubhouse. It’s seamless! At The Club at Arrowcreek, we have pristine ballrooms, panoramic views of the course, and elegantly decorated rooms, any of which can be the perfect backdrop to say “I do” if the weather doesn’t cooperate. You’ll forget this was your backup idea!

#4 Trust the advice of your wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator is there to help you make sure your wedding is a success. He or she works events like this every single day! Trust their advice, because they are a true expert in the industry and know what works well and what doesn’t. 

You deserve the wedding of your dreams at The Club at ArrowCreek. This means a day you look back on with joy and pride, not how stressed out you were. We offer the perfect setting to create your ideal wedding, and a day that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. Our staff will help you create moments that will not be forgotten.



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