Golf Course Features Guide: Learn About the Golf Courses at The Club

As a member of The Club at ArrowCreek, you have access to two of the best golf courses in Reno. Because you’ll be playing golf so often, you want to be not just good at golf- but great! Before you do anything else, you need to learn all you can about the golf courses themselves. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the golf course features guide.

The Courses at a Quick Glance

An 18-hole golf course has 18 playing areas, all of which are totally unique and challenging. At The Club at ArrowCreek, we have dual courses, Legend & Challenge, which feature timeless course designs unique to the Reno area. Legend weaves around ravines, dry creeks, and high desert landscapes. The Challenge Course lies at the base of the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains with unobstructed city and valley views. Both Legend and Challenge feature forced carries, tall grasses that sway in the Nevada breeze, and fast greens.

The Tee

There are multiple teeing grounds for each hole in order to accommodate players of different skill levels. Don’t forget to bring your own tees! The course has the tee box waiting for you, but not the tees themselves.

The Fairway

The fairway is a path that leads from the teeing box to the putting green and is often 30 to even 50 yards long. The grass in the fairway is kept short. If you hit the ball onto the fairway with your first shot, you’ll be in a good position to make it to the green on your next shot. Good job!

The Rough

The fairway is kept short to make it easier to hit your ball, and the roughs are well… rough! These are the areas alongside the fairways and greens where the grass is allowed to grow longer. If your ball lands here, you’re going to be in for a bit of a challenge as you try to get it back out. 

The Hazards

The hazards are designed to up the challenge level of the game. Golf courses add bunkers, trees, plants, small walls, sand, water, or other features to add to the visual appeal and playing complexity. Getting your ball out of a hazard can be quite a challenge. You can’t usually hit your ball out of the water at all actually. You may have to take a penalty stroke if you wind up in one of these.

The Green

You’re almost there! After the fairway comes the putting green. This area has very closely trimmed grass so that you can control your putts. Don’t be fooled that the green is easy, though. Greens have slopes and curves that can make getting your ball toward the hole a challenge.

The Hole

The holes are marked with flags, so keep your eyes open for those as you begin. Once you get your ball in the hole, you are finished with that play area and can move on to the next. Golf courses regularly adjust the position of the holes on a course, so even if you played the course recently, you might need to aim for a slightly different spot now. Rearranging their position helps keep the course in good shape and makes it a challenge for members who play it on a regular basis. 

Golf at The Club at Arrow Creek

Reno golfers love The Club at ArrowCreek! Your golf experience is enhanced with an on-site Performance Center featuring Foresight Technology, a newly expanded driving range, and short game practice areas. Members, book your tee time now!




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