What is the Best Month to Have an Outdoor Wedding?

While each and every wedding-related decision plays a part in crafting your big day, one choice makes a bigger impact than others. Your wedding venue has the ability to set the entire event’s tone, which is why choosing your site wisely is absolutely imperative. Many couples here in this area want an outdoor wedding. It’s easy to see why! We have wonderful weather and sunny skies nearly all year-round, with an average of 300 days of sunshine annually. Plus, Reno is known for beautiful views of the mountains. Your wedding photos are sure to be stunning!

You already know what style of wedding you’re looking for, but before you can move forward and book a Reno, NV wedding venue, you must decide on the “when.” Since your wedding is going to take place outdoors, it is imperative that you find the best month of the year to hold your dream day!

What is the Best Month to Have an Outdoor Wedding?

If you’ve always envisioned having an outdoor wedding, your dreams probably didn’t include sweating your makeup off or walking down the aisle in the rain. Planning an outdoor wedding in Reno may feel risky, but it’s very possible to pull off. 

In general, it’s best to schedule an outdoor wedding during the spring months of April and May in the fall months of September and October. These times of the year provide ideal temperatures suitable for an outdoor wedding in Reno.

Since the heat can feel quite unbearable during our summer months, it’s best to plan your wedding for evening if you want it to be outside, and maybe consider a hybrid of indoor/outdoor wedding. Yes, summer is often referred to as the wedding season – but these are typically indoor weddings, or take the hybrid approach! It is not uncommon for July and August temperatures to reach the 90’s, and you don’t want to deal with this kind of heat on a day you want to look your best. On the opposite end of things, if you try to book a December wedding outdoors you may wake up on your wedding day and realize that it is 32 degrees outside!

Early summer and early fall typically have mild, temperate weather with a lower risk of rain, super-high heat, or humidity. If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding in Reno, these months are your best bet. When you have your dream outdoor wedding in Reno, all of the planning will pay off!

What if the Weather Takes a Turn for the Worst?

Let’s say you plan it all out correctly and book your outdoor wedding for a beautiful autumn afternoon. To your dread, the day before they announce there is a major thunderstorm headed your way. Is your wedding ruined? Not if you have booked a wedding venue with multiple site options! A quick switch to holding the ceremony inside the country club instead of on the golf course will save your day (and your hair!).

The Club at Arrowcreek: Your Perfect Reno, NV Wedding Venue

Your search for the perfect setting to create your ideal country club wedding is made much easier when you begin by looking into The Club at Arrowcreek. We have helped countless brides and grooms have the magical wedding day they’ve always dreamed of, and you could be next! We are an all-inclusive venue, meaning the beautiful outdoor scenery is only the beginning of what you’ll love about The Club at Arrowcreek. Our team of professionals will hand craft your country club wedding from the moment you book your wedding with us, creating moments that will not be forgotten. Reach out to us today!




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