What are the Most Common Types of Corporate Events?

Companies use corporate events to bring people together and develop interpersonal relationships in a way that simply is not possible inside of the structured environment of the traditional office. After a year and a half away, people are ready to mingle again. Corporate events are back! Is your company ready to get back into the swing of things? Here at The Club at ArrowCreek, we welcome you and your team with open arms!

Most Common Types of Corporate Events

You know you need to do something, but what? Perhaps a list of the most common types of corporate events in Reno, NV could help. Use these examples to jumpstart your brainstorming session:


There are some conversations in which a Zoom call simply will not do. This may be an important board meeting or strategic planning session. When it comes to business, we take it seriously. The Club at ArrowCreek provides a professional escape to get the work done. With 3,800 square feet of meeting space, we can accommodate many sizes and scopes of meetings and retreats, all with incredible views of Reno, Mt. Rose, and our golf courses. You can even expand your meetings into the evening with optional indoor or outdoor corporate event venue options

Team-Building Events

They aren’t just employees; they’re your team! If you’re looking for a way to boost employee confidence, culture, and morale, time spent at The Club at ArrowCreek is perfect. An event held at our venue provides a unique opportunity for your team to spend time together in a non-work, relaxed environment. This may involve games, or simply networking and drinks. It’s up to you!

Seminars and Conferences

Perhaps this event is more about education than cocktails. We can provide the perfect environment for that as well. Seminars are typically short, one day, with one speaker events, whereas conferences last several days and host multiple speakers. Whichever seems right for your event, we’ll help you prepare for the entire experience to be a success.

Executive Retreats 

While business development and organizational planning are typically the topics of the agenda for executive retreats, we certainly don’t blame you for wanting to add enjoyable activities as part of the reward. Is it time to blow off a little steam? You’ve worked hard; you and the other executives deserve it! 

Holiday Parties

An end of the year holiday party is just the thing to celebrate your team and everyone’s ability to adapt over these last almost two years. Getting your coworkers together to raise a glass and be merry is just the thing to round out the year. We can accommodate all various sizes of holiday parties from an intimate dinner to a full dance and drinks soiree. 

Golf Events 

What better team builder and morale booster than a golf event? Building relationships, team management, and an instant morale boost can all be achieved in a single afternoon. It is no wonder that golf outings are a favorite event of almost every organization. There is a reason that so many people say the phrase “deals are sealed on the green!” 

Company Milestones

Your company has hit a major anniversary, and the entire team deserves more than just a congratulations cake for the years of dedication and hardwork. It isn’t just for anniversaries, though. Company milestone events provide your organization the opportunity to celebrate a grand opening or any other major milestone you’re especially proud of. 

Host Your Next Corporate Event at The Club at ArrowCreek!

Hopefully, one or two things from the list above jumped out at you. Whether you want to host a meeting, conference, or a golf tournament, The Club at Arrowcreek can handle it for you. In fact, even if you didn’t see something on the list that looks quite right, our team is able to give you the aid you need. We encourage you to speak with our professionals about customizing a Corporate Retreat Package, as well as our hotel partnerships.

You’re looking for productivity, at a higher level. When you host your business events at The Club at ArrowCreek, you are treating your guests to what country club cuisine and service in Reno is about. Wow your attendees with views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, downtown city skyline both on the course and in our spacious corporate event venues. The only thing left to do now is to book a tour!

For more information, email Andy Bomberger, Director of Event Sales at andy.bomberger@theclubac.com. 




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