The Importance of Selecting the Best Reno Event Venues

Planning an event that everyone walks away from happily means getting everything right. When you’re choosing between an open or cash bar and what the dress code should be, don’t forget the most important decision of all- the venue. When planning an event, like a corporate get together, seminar, or a job fair, the location is very important

Why is the Location of an Event So Important?

While all the factors hold equal importance when it comes to the success of the upcoming event, the location itself warrants special attention. Let’s look at a few reasons why taking a hard look at local event venues is the most important aspect of planning your event. These include:

The Venue Size Determines How Comfortable Everyone Is

Some Reno event venues are bigger than others. Trying to cram 300 attendees in a room designed for 200 is going to be incredibly uncomfortable. Not only will people barely be able to breathe, much less walk around and talk, you’re probably breaking fire ordinances as well. 

Okay, bigger is better then – right? Not necessarily. If you schedule your event in a massive venue that could hold 300 and only 100 attendees come, your guests may feel the event isn’t as crowded and therefore not as successful as you were hoping. This leaves them with a negative impression, even if everything went off without a hitch. The key is finding a location that aligns perfectly with how many guests you expect. When in doubt, book an outside location!

Some Event Venues Offer Amenities That Others Don’t 

Two similar event venues may not be very similar at all when you get down to what is actually included in the price you’re quoted. Anything that isn’t included will add up and eat into your budget, including parking, AV equipment, chairs, and tables. Besides having the furniture you need, Wi-Fi is another must-have amenity. Check the venue’s contract to confirm what’s covered and what isn’t. Never assume!

The Location Sets the Tone

Finding the right atmosphere is important when choosing the location for corporate events. The ambiance of a space will completely set the tone. The ambiance of a seminar, networking event, executive retreat, and job fair are all going to be very different.

Everything from lighting to furniture to architecture contributes to the atmosphere. What feeling are you going for? If you’re looking to give a team building experience, consider spaces that easily accommodate group activities and give off a positive vibe. If you’re having an award ceremony, choose a space that allows for a stage, podium, and pathway from the seats. 

Your Venue Has a Big Affect on Your Budget

In a way, planning a corporate event isn’t too different from a wedding because your venue is going to take a big chunk of your overall budget. Exactly how big is up to you. If you choose the perfect place that requires such a large deposit you can’t find a decent caterer to work for what you have left, it isn’t going to feel like the perfect place for long. In order to avoid this disastrous mistake, break down your budget. Be sure it covers all the event’s requirements, including accommodations, meeting space, food and beverage, any needed sound equipment, entertainment, and anything else you need.

A small corporate event may feel relatively easy to plan and manage without professional help, it’s a good idea to hire the professional and experienced services of an event planner for a larger event. When you book your event at The Club at Arrowcreek, this is included for you!

The Club at ArrowCreek provides a professional escape to get the work done. With meeting space of 3,800 square feet, your attendees will be able to engage with a view. Expand your meetings into the evening with optional indoor or outdoor corporate event venues. Contact us today and let’s begin planning your next event!




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