When is an Outdoor Event Ideal?


Open air weddings have a special sense of free-spiritedness and whimsy that is hard to match within the confines of a traditional venue. They are an excellent option for the bride and groom who feel a special connection to nature and want to incorporate those feelings into their event plans. If an outdoor wedding sounds like a good fit for your special day, read through our article describing how to get the most out of the outdoor experience, then head over to The Club at ArrowCreek’s Wedding and Event Venues page to book a tour!

The Great Outdoors:

Getting back to nature in your wedding planning can create a special atmosphere that makes your ceremony truly unique. In addition to this, an outdoor venue is ideal for managing a large guest list, as attendees have extra space to spread out and view the proceedings comfortably.

With outdoor weddings, the theming ties directly into the environment where the event is taking place. If your idea of a dream wedding incorporates imagery such as flowing linen, fairy lights, or live plants surrounding the event, an open air celebration is very likely the way to go.

Photography Opportunities:

If dramatic photo ops are a must have for your event, an outdoor wedding venue is sure to deliver. Having the ceremony take place in the great outdoors gives your photographer plenty of opportunities to capture the moment with beautiful, naturally lit shots and gorgeous surroundings. The Club at ArrowCreek in particular offers stunning backdrops of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, bracketed by the rolling hills of our golf greens and Nevada’s own high desert beauty.

Health and Safety:

Outdoor events provide significantly increased airflow and greater personal space for those attending. If health precautions are a consideration in your upcoming wedding plans, an outdoor arrangement may be the perfect solution to allow your party to gather safely and comfortably, as has been recommended by the CDC for large gatherings in 2021.

Scheduling for Success:

The mild weather of Spring and early Fall months is the kindest to party-goers spending the day outdoors, making this the ideal time to schedule your outdoor event. Outdoor weddings taking place in the Summer months, while possible, will require a little extra planning to make sure that everyone is staying cool and comfortable. When arranging an outdoor wedding, remember to look at pictures of the chosen venue during the season you intend to be using it, that way you’ll know what to look forward to!

To make your outdoor event dreams a reality, we suggest that you plan a tour of the beautiful venues offered by The Club at ArrowCreek, or look at our photo gallery for inspiration.


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