How to Play on a Private Golf Course: 4 Tried and True Methods

You love to golf. This means you want to play on the best golf courses possible. Thanks to membership fees and dues, those courses are often private and only open to members. What can you do? How can you play the game you love, on a pristine golf course you are bound to love nearly as much?

How to Play on a Private Golf Course

There are several tried and true methods to playing the golf course of your dreams. Why not try one or all of these?

#1 Wait for a competition or charity event. 

Charity events and other competitive tournaments are designed for players of any skill level. You don’t need to be semi-pro to sign up! Beyond offering you a fun day, these tournaments often give you a chance to play courses that would otherwise be private. Searching local event directories will likely turn up a list of official events. Keep an eye out when one pops up for a course you’ve been dying to play!

#2 Talk with your home course golf pro. 

You probably already golf quite a bit at a different golf course. Don’t be shy! A possible resource for scoring a tee time elsewhere may be the pro at your home course. Golf pros work within a pretty small community, so this person probably knows the pro at other private courses you have your eye on. A conversation with him could lead to a call over to the private course. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s worth a shot!

#3 Go with a friend.

Private golf courses are open to their members as well as the guests of these members. Perhaps the reason you’re dying to play a certain course is because you hear your friends or coworkers talking about how great it is. Ask to be their guest next time they play a round.

#4 Join The Club at ArrowCreek!

If you really want to play on a private golf course, the best course of action is to enquire about membership! There are many exciting benefits of joining a country club. The top reason that many people join a country club is for golfing. Thanks to a heavy emphasis on quality, private clubs can have some of the best courses around. As a member, you’ll be treated like royalty! There’s nothing that can make you feel quite so good about yourself as clubhouse attendants who greet you with a smile and golf pros who know your name. Yes, those golf pros will also help you knock a few strokes off your round of golf!

Our Reno, NV Private Golf Course

ArrowCreek is a private club, meaning our golf courses are only open to members and their guests. There’s many reasons to join beyond golf, though. You’ll also have access to fantastic dining options. Led by a team of experienced hospitality and culinary professionals, The Club at ArrowCreek is dedicated to consistently providing our members and your guests an elevated dining experience that is ever evolving. We have great places to grab a drink after a round of golf or bring the family for a bite to eat.

Get ready to meet a lot of great new friends! Community and connection are what keeps The Club at ArrowCreek’s friendly reputation strong throughout the Reno private golf course scene. A country club membership at The Club at ArrowCreek is more than access to the club’s amenities and services. It’s about community and connection. A trip to your new country club will be an ultimate escape after a long day’s work or the perfect place to bring the family for the entire day. You can golf, or enjoy many other member amenity options!




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